Jacquelyn is deeply committed to teaching. At Colby College, Jacquelyn has taught courses in poetry, women’s literature, the environmental humanities, and writing. Before arriving at Colby, she spent almost a decade at UCLA, where she taught courses on topics ranging from American poetry and fiction to experimental writing to Virginia Woolf.

In 2012, Jacquelyn received UCLA’s Distinguished Teaching Award. Her teaching statement, which details her pedagogical practice, her approach to course design, her teaching goals, and her commitment to helping students “see better” may be found here. Her classroom exercise on teaching short fiction, entitled “The Six-Word Story,” has recently been published in Princeton University Press’s The Pocket Instructor: Literature.

Below is a sampling of courses that Jacquelyn has taught:


guest lecture on The Call of the Wild

Courses designed and taught at Colby College:

Courses designed and taught at UCLA:

English 4W: Critical Reading and Writing is a writing intensive literature course that is a prerequisite for the English major. Jacquelyn has designed four different syllabi for the course:

English 495A and 495B are the pedagogy practicums for new graduate student teachers in the Department of English. 495A prepares graduate students to TA undergraduate classes, while 495B prepares graduate students to design and teach their own courses. Jacquelyn designed and taught these courses with Senior Lecturer and Teaching Assistant Coordinator Chris Mott.

Courses TAed:

  • English 172B: American Literature Since 1945
  • English 143: Milton
  • English 85: The American Novel
  • English 142A: Shakespeare: Poems and Early Plays
  • English 142B: Shakespeare: Later Plays
  • English 95A: Introduction to Poetry
  • English 10C: British Literature 1832 – Present